Wed. Last Climb before Ecuador

I had to drop by the doctor's to check on my foot from last summer (checked out okay) my wrist (got some great x-rays that he passed around the office to show my odd radius/ulnar joint - but my scaphoid is just dandy) and my South America drugs (drat presumed uncleanliness).

I got done too early to go home to meet DW, but too late to go to the pharmacy to get my drugs, so I decided to go to gymnastics and cheer for Dallin. It was pretty fun, and I got to drive with Bren, singing silly songs about chainsaws all the way home.

We changed and DW and I drove to the gym. Along the way I decided I really wanted to get one more climb in, and DW didn't have her stuff, so she borrowed a rental when we got there. We quick ducked into REI for a last-second Ecuador purchase, then back to the gym and it was packed. Solid. Three Scout-type groups all over the place, plus a handful of lead climbers (like elbow-to-elbow lead climbers).

So after digging around for a few minutes, I finally settled on the evil black 5.8+ that has toadally kicked my butt every time I got on it. I went up with actually decent technique to the sticking spot and suddenly it made sense and after a couple of scary moves I "ran" the rest of the way to the top, making what I thought was thin and sketchy moves the whole way. DW said I pretty much frogged it after the sticking spot, but I did some backsteps matches smears and one crossover, so I'm happy enough. Also, I did speed it pretty good. Anyway....

Then on to the treadmill. The Scouts were being "shot" by the Momentum web guy (camera shot) and he had lights all over, so I had to move the treadmill plug over one outlet taking over what amounts to two treadmills to do it. I got on with a 30lb pack and "ran" at 2.0 and 30% for 1000' in 28 minutes. Woohoo!

Then I got off and changed and called it good. Home and sleep awaited.