More Saturday Climbing

I had to go to the gym tonight to do more treadmill, so we went ahead and dragged everyone down and forced the kids to climb ;) (the little monkeys love to climb, and poor Tan sits there "climbing gym" over and over and over in her little soft voice)

When it was our turn DW did her favorite 5.11 that she did really well on (preparing for the onsite comp she's going to see about doing at the Quarry on Saturday while I'm on the plane) and I started up a 5.9+ (they took the plus off when they retagged) with some good blocky holds, and did well enough at the beginning (where I normally seem to do best) then moved over to the ancient brown 5.8 that always kicked my butt back in the day. Tonight I just flew up it - amazing!

We left the kids in Mountain Room (their normally-cool daycare - depending on who's in there) and went upstairs. I totally loaded up today - 75 lb - and slogged my way up 1,000' in my boots. Horrible.

DW rode the treadmill pretty steep and turned around for a while (real interesting quad workout) and then since she got started before me, she went to the weight bench to finish with some wild ab and arm work.

Then we went home and passed out.