Monday Nov 10 Climbing

Monday after work I met DW and the kids at the gym. She put the kids in Mountain Room just as I pulled up, and we quickly got taped and harnessed and on. I decided my modified-x taping was going to work okay, based on the past few times (once no-tape and it sucked pretty bad).

DW did a few 5.11's to work on her onsiting for the comp. I did a red 5.9 on the beginner's wall and did a good job of sending it (I think right now that's about my limit). I have been experimenting with the LaSportiva shoes I got a long time ago that were way too small for me then, but don't feel too bad now. I was joking with someone a week ago that "if you can get into your climbing shoes they're too big for you".

DW did great, and I did so-so the rest of the time. I tried the evil red 5.9 on the curvy wall but didn't do that good, and I tried the black 5.8+, no go, and the yellow 5.9 on the curvy wall again, but I just couldn't get my feet and hands to think together tonight. I was about to get on the yellow 5.10 (the huge juggy one that overhangs a lot) when Nate came to get us. Daycare alert.

Guess Dal and Bren had a slug-fest and were being evicted for the night. Dal seemed to be the culprit, so we put him in time-out and went to the cafe for the rest of them. I was going to ride the treadmill but this morning I emailed back and forth with the climbing group and discovered that we were only going to hike fully-loaded once uphill. The rest of the time we're in jeeps or mules (that'll be cool) and with a much lighter pack.

I decided that recovering and restoring were more important, so I bailed on tonights workout and when DW left with the kids (we were done for the night, since the kids were out of daycare) I went to the Verizon store to get a foreign SIM card for my phone so it will work in Ecuador.

Nate said I should give a slide-show at the gym when I get back. Though it's called slide-show still, it's really a pc or tv picture "slide-show". That would be fun. I did it for family when I got back from Mexico last winter.