DryTooling Again

Saturday, Nov. 11, 2008. 29 degrees, snow on the ground, rocks damp.

Nathan, DW and I went up the trail seeing fairly new deer prints in the mud and snow mixed with leaves. Nathan set up a toprope over the 5.8/5.9/5.10 section.

John showed up (friend of Nate's) and we sent him up first. He started on the 5.10 and angled over to the 5.8. It was nice watching his smooth methodical game of chess with the rock and tools.

Then we sent Nathan, and finally Angie up. She did really well, since this was a bit above what she's comfortable doing. Though she looks like a real pro in this pic.

John had to go, and Nate had to get to work in a few, so we said goodbye for now to John, and I sent Nate up again one last shot today. He worked his way up the 5.9R trad route and again, looked like he busted some really cool moves. He's got great balance.

I got on, and for some insane reason started up the first 5.10 roof. I did some great moves, but every time I pulled over the roof I popped out. One time my tool slid down the crack and just barely stuck at the bottom. Nate had to run to work, but left his rope for us for a bit.

I managed to get just past the roof and popped everything but one tool off, swinging out in space (though only about 12' up -- great decking potential there). DW screamed fearing crampons in her forehead. I got back on and lowered, then went up the 5.9. Did a cool "walk the tools up the crack" sequence and got into the only good crack on the route about halfway up, then was so totally pumped my left hand was so swollen I couldn't hang on anymore, so I bailed.

We ran the rope down to Nate at Momentum and then headed home. Great morning with great people. Thanks all.