Thursday Oct 9,

We had a minor glitch in getting started climbing tonight. It's the evil time of year when taxes must be paid finally. Normally my business taxes get done on April 14th, but I can't file my personal till the business ones are done, so I end up having to extend every year. Like most people then I procrastinate (I know a guy who is in the same boat and actually did his on April 20th, but still hasn't mailed them in), and finally got all my receipts and stuff together and had to take them to my tax guy tonight after 6.

We dropped off our stuff, chatted and explained for a bit, then raced to the gym.

First of all we dropped off the kids then DW did her onsite training, much like mine last time. For an hour I put her on random ropes and she had a minute to study out the route then go as high as possible. Of course, like I mentioned before, they're all hard, and it sucks, but it makes you attempt moves and routes you wouldn't normally do. She found a few that she wants to work later, so that's good anyway. For me (not sure about DW) it's psychologically damaging as well, because you will fail on everything you do. Sucks.

Then we gathered up the kids and Dal bouldered really well. He tried traversing with his eyes closed, but of course cheated, so he said next time I get to blindfold him. Then he worked on no-matching-hands traversing, and did great up to the corner. He worked it great, getting one more move before falling about eight times in a row, making finally about 4 moves past the corner. Good job.

Then Bren was toproping, and Tan exploded, so I took her out to the car to sit with a bottle, so I have no clue how that went. After about 20 minutes in the car they came out to climb in and off we went back home.

Good job everyone.