Thursday Night Climbing

Since we're getting back into the normal routine, we took the boys climbing, since they haven't climbed in a while.

Dallin was great. He traversed back and forth on the smiley-face route and did a great job working the corner in reverse of how he normally does it. He took beta well and used it. He's really come a long way and his technique rocks. He said "Now that I'm taking gymnastics and rock climbing I'm going to be really strong".

Brennan did some traversing, and I managed to talk him going to the top a few times by saying "don't forget to climb up and kiss the buffalo". He also climbed to the top a few times on other routes off the traverse wall, and once got scared about downclimbing the "lightbulb" holds and I said "just jump" and he did from about 6' up. Good boy.

Tan didn't want to boulder tonight, she had DW put the harness on and rope her up. She ran up the rainbow route a ways then swung on the rope. Good to get the fear factor down.

Then it was our turn. DW said most everything on her BLOG, but I'll add in a few comments.

I did the evil unrated green arete from last time and sent it this time. It was tough getting past the spot I stopped twice last time, but good enough - done.

I started the evil maroon 5.9 DW did last time that K despises, and went about halfway when I got to thinking about my cramp from Tuesday. Youch. I have done a few small slopey/crimpy holds in a row here and there, but 20' sustained small/slopey/crimpy was as much as I felt like. Nice project though.

DW did a great job on her evil 5.10 green route. Amazing. She did just about everything she could think of at each of the dozen or so mini-cruxes. Good job.

And that's about all I have to say about that...