Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thur Oct 30

Had Bren's B'day party (he wasn't able to do a party with his friends on his real b'day) and I took a bunch of pic's with DW's camera - so look for them on her blog.

Afterward we went to Momentum to climb. DW climbed in her Kangaroo costume for a 5.8 and a 5.10. I climbed a new 5.6 made up out of the old black 5.6 holds. It was really pretty fun. Then I went over to try the black yin-yang route which now had a 5.10 sticker on it. I got up a few moves and that was pretty cool. DW (in regular clothes now) did a 5.11. Then I tried a green 5.10 on the curvy wall. Actually got up a fair ways before getting stuck. Someday....

Then DW did that same route and really worked it. Great Job Baby!

Then I put on my backpack, this time loaded to about 40 lb and my running shoes and hopped on @ 30% and 1.3, working my way up to 1.5 mph. Got 1,000' in 30 minutes, then stopped. This is my first time doing three in a week. (did it yesterday as well with 50 lb pack and my big mountain boots, 1,500' in 55 min @ 24% with 30% intervals averaging 1.3 mph and 175bpm hr) BTW: yesterday and today were the first time I did this w/o holding the handles in a deathgrip the whole time. Woohoo!

More later... look for a report of our dry-tooling adventure scheduled for Sat. early...