Short Climbing Wrapup

In case my memory is lapsed....

When we got back from Rainier, I think we went climbing on Monday and Thursday evening last week.

I don't remember Monday, but on Thursday I on-sited a new unrated climb on the curvy tall wall facing the cafe window. Everyone said it was 5.9, but I on-sited it, so it's probably a 5.7, right?

On Monday I did the treadmill at the gym that goes to 30% of elevation and walked at 2.0 with a 60 lb backpack on and worked my way up to 21% for 1,000' of gain in my running shoes.

On Thursday I did the same, but got up to 24% and work my expedition boots for 1,500' of gain.

On Monday of this week we climbed again, and DW and I ended up climbing with Richard and Rosanne, who have a son on the climbing team and are there all the time. So it's not memory this time - I didn't get to see most of what she climbed.

I got to do the new 5.6 on the other curvy wall, and found it easier than the other one. I also started two new 5.9's and popped off the one about halfway up. I was looking up to see I was a bit more than halfway, when I just suddenly came off. Richard didn't keep my rope as short as DW, so I fell a bit more than normal. LOL.

Then I did the treadmill again at 30% in running shoes with the pack. Amazing. 1,500' again.

I'm hoping to be in great shape for Ecuador in three weeks.