What an adventure, already....

DW is in Orlando, visiting with relatives.

I've got the kids, and after taking Dal to school, Bren watched the Sponge Bob Movie while Tan napped. I got Tan up and took Bren to school, and we came back here so I could handle an emergency at work.

While deeply engrossed in solving the problem I heard a loud bang, some wild screaming, and out of the corner of my eye, a bloody Tan appeared begging for help.

Her hands were covered in blood and I washed them in the sink. No lacerations or missing parts there, so I checked her bloody face and washed it. Looks like she bit through her lip with her amazingly huge front tooth.

I squeezed the blood out of the gashes, pushing them together to see how they lined up. Nice. I took off her shirt and sprayed it, then she pointed to the "YUCK" on the floor and I sprayed that too. Gonna let it soak. Good luck.

Texted a pic of Tan's face to DW for when she lands. Bwahahaha...