Positive Fitness Message

I get emails from various fitness "guru" people, as well as subscribe to various podcasts, or audio-email clips etc.

I got this one from Elite Fitness (there are actually two Elite Fitness - one a power-lifting business in Ohio, the other a supplement message board - this is the power-lifting business)

No Excuses

Hope that's as motivational for you as it is for me.

On a side note, I climbed a new 5.6 at momentum last night. I was jokingly going to take a marker and add a "D" to the end of it. It was big holds and pretty lined up, but you couldn't "ladder" it and it had mild vertical sections (ie: somewhat overhanging, but no roofs like at The Quarry) since it's on the curvy wall facing the entrance. So you had to "think" about your moves most of the way. Thanks Steven for a great 5.6. I also did my evil grey 5.7 to the 2nd-to-last move (one more than last time) and then a newish (last month) purple 5.7 all the way. That was fun. Feeling weak and tired from working out, plus having no endurance from having not climbed in a month.

Will be outside Friday (tonight) so more later...