Friday Eve. Sept. 19

(post 2 in the Orlando Angie series)

Tan seems to be surviving okay. I finished up my work emergency and picked up Bren. Going down Canyon Road, it was down to one lane for the insane PG/AF construction overload right at the school crossing. Right at school time. The construction team was letting the Southbound lane go just as I got there, but immediately it stopped. The crossing nazi was letting a group of kids cross, then she let three cars go South again, then stopped for another group of kids. This went on for about 5 minutes, by which time the Northbound lane was backed up almost to the 1100N stoplight.

I grabbed Bren, then went over to get Dal, waiting in line while each and every child was slowly walked out to the 2-3 cars that could fit in the lot, while the others waited in a line blocking driveways North of the school (small irony there, but won't post it openly - lol). Finally I got Dal, and was thankful once again for the 20 minutes and 3 liters of gas or so it cost on a per-car-per-day basis to protect my innocent child from the statistically 1 in 10,000,000 odds of a child in Utah County being abducted by a non-family member.

We ran over to office depot in Lehi or AF or wherever that wandering line crosses along that brick wall, and I got a new keyboard to overcompensate for my sore wrist (work buys these things for me - since they have a vested interest in my being able to type for 30 hours straight). The boys enjoyed sitting in the chairs and spinning, and it didn't even bother the employees.

We packed the bag out to the car, then on to Target. The door cop was irritated when the boys raced me in and beat me to the water fountain, seemingly alone, and he kept his eyes on us the whole time I loaded Tan in a basket. Boring job I guess.

We went over to the games and books and movies, and the boys read some boxes (they're looking for Sponge Bob games). We went over and looked at the Wii crap, and Dal played Kung Fu Panda on the 360 demo, and Tan played something on the DS demo. This time we did annoy an employee - guess the idea of a 2 yr-old playing a DS bothered him. We were buying a new Wii nunchuck to replace the one Tan ate the cable off of. We went over to the clearance games, then over to the pharm section. I got some sample size stuff for Ecuador, and Tan opened a tube of toothpaste for me (she loves toothpaste and brushing and all that).

We went over to the grocery section, and I got a bottle of bubble water, and a bag of chocolate goldfish and a bag of pumpkin spice kisses as treats (since overall the kids were great so far).

We ducked over to Good Earth and the AF one is amazing compared to Orem. Last time I was in the Orem one all the shelves were half-empty and the produce was mostly rotten. Like they were closing. I got some stuff for Ecuador, and a few vitamin thingies I've been low on. Tan managed to scare an employee when she did her "over the top of the seat" trick, but I told her it was normal, and that Tan was our little gymnastic climber dudette, though that didn't appease her at all. Then one of the other clerks opened up the kid room and turned on "Cars" on the player.

I parked the basket blocking the room door and did some shopping near it. As expected, the boys played in the toy box, and eventually got in trouble when they tore the lid off it, threw toys at each oher, knocked Tan over, and she cried her brains out.

I scooped up the brains, Bren put the lid back on, Dal put the toys back inside the box, and we walked the aisles together for a few minutes. I opened up a bag of Ecuador cookies (in case anyone is interested, Barbara's Animal Cookies taste good above 14,000') and gave some to Tan to stifle her little tears. Poor kid. After a few laps they quieted down so I stuck them back in the play room and finished my shopping.

We left and managed to find our way home through all the apparently random construction. Dal and Tan played Kung Fu Panda on the Wii (really, she was shaking her controller and pushing buttons and making her monkey character do stuff) and now Dal and Bren are playing Raving Rabbids 2 together.

I gave them Bacon for supper (they love my simple suppers), and Bren and Tan also had bananas.

Hopefully bedtime will go smoothly in about a hour.