Draper Red Rock Dry-Tooling

Around the far right side next to the trail is a chunk of rock up the arete that is probably totally worthless as a rock route. The route to the left of it is listed at 5.6, and has a voted rating of 5.3 on MP. So no one is going to notice a few scratches here and there.

We had tons of fun toproping it. I blew off a few times, especially going over a bulge near the top, and did some cool moves (ego, doh!) including a steinpull in a 3/8" hole.

DW took to it pretty quickly, though my favorite was a fall she took while only about 6' up that with rope stretch had her nearly sitting on the ground.

Some other climbers came up, and some were pretty curious. One stopped to talk to us for a bit, then looked at me and said "do you have a blog? I think I saw your picture" - well he'd searched google for "draper red rock" and found some of my earlier posts. Far out. Another guy wanted to watch for a bit, but didn't really have that much interest, then we tried talking a Momentum employee into coming with us next winter so we could corrupt him to the cold side... bwahahaha

No one was all agro over us (it can happen - if you're really trying, you'll only take 5.12/13 size holds and push yourself to the max, and it is slightly possible in crappier rock to pull flakes off, so it's easy to piss off some upper level or curmudgeonly climbers) so we had a good morning.

I did 3 and she did 4. Great day. Thanks.