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Since DW is back in town now, and Tif is back to sitting for us in the daytime, we had a chance to get back out climbing, er "in" climbing...

She had a chiropractic appointment, then came to get me, and we headed to The Quarry in Provo. It's owned by some of the same people involved in Momentum in Draper.

Normally there are a few different rope teams there, and today was no exception, but no one was on the roofy wall just inside the front door, so we set up there. DW did the Pink Tape 5.6 there and then I did it as well. She did a 5.7 (grey holds) and I did another 5.7 (green tape). Then she worked the first half of a 5.8 (blue tape) that had a large roof in the middle.

The Quarry is very "old-school" in their ratings. I'd say that pink tape 5.6 would be a low 5.8 at Momentum. Much more like what you'd find outside in that rating. More featured, more terrain-dependent, more off-balance.

We were pretty wasted by that time, so we ducked over to the shop, and we both tried on shoes (DW tried on some LaSportiva running shoes on clearance, and I tried on some rock shoes that I haven't tried yet - my semi-quarterly rock shoe try-on -- just in case I get any super-clearance notices so I know what companies shoes fit in what sizes if/when it happens - $100 shoes for $15 happens more than you think if you know where to look out there...) No shoes today, so we headed back, me to work, and she to get celery and bananas - ran out today on the first day of school.

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