Angie Orlando - Pt 4

(be sure to check out pt's 1-3 below...)

Managed to sleep in a little this morning. The boys woke up and played with the beastie builders on their floor, and Tan emptied her crib of the miscellaneous critters and blankets and stuff.

I made them all cheerios and we did a spongebob marathon interspersed with el Tigre and the excellent Fairly Oddparents Fairy Baby episode.

I was emptying the fridge and mixed up all the leftover open juice bottles, and the resultant mix was a big hit with Bren and Tan - Dal thought it was too thick and sweet. He preferred the watered-down gatorade.

DW called and texted a few times from the airport. So far so good. She'll be home tonight.

I took the boys to church and made sure they got to their rooms okay, then came home with Tan who immediately turned into a cranky blubbery mass of tired, so I put her down. Dal is supposed to give a scripture today, and he memorized one. I asked if he wanted my help, but he said he was fine without it and preferred I didn't help him. He also said he'd gather up Bren afterward and wait for my by the primary room. He's getting so mature.

I went back to get them after church, and they had done just fine. Dal had actually been directed to memorize another scripture quick (guess his was too easy) and did great. So he says anyway ;)

We ran out to Costco to get gas and load up on the few things DW will be needing tomorrow morning. Then we came home and I made bacon and eggs with cheese slabs for supper. Dal loves his red spice on his eggs. Tan chowed down on cheese and banana slices.

In about 15 minutes we need to boogie out to the airport. Almost done...