Angie Orlando - Pt 3

Got up this morning ad got the kids ready for Anne, who is watching them today while a guy from work comes to help me get the big stuff out of the garage.

It started lightning and hailing, and was pretty wild. Good thing we cancelled the manure project in the yard.

Anne got here, then shortly J arrived and we got to work in the garage. He hauled most everything to the basement alone while I did some organizational work. Anne took the kids to the park, and it rained while they were there, but it seemed they still had fun. She had brought some games (they call her the game lady) and some big baggies of homemade playdough. In passing Tan showed me her large blob of pink playdough. Cute.

We got the garage as good as we could, then J decided to do some weeding for me. Great. I still had Anne for a bit, so I slipped out to the Lehi house and turned the sprinklers off for a few days so I could mow, and down by 33% so the grass will taper off for the winter coming up. I got a few more boxes out of the garage, tidied up some in the yard, and came back.

DW texted me several times, and is having a good time today with her Mom and Grandfather partying down in Orlando. She ate in a German restaurant and even sent me pics of her food. I'll see about putting some up if I can find my microSD adapter.

We all curled up on the couch together for about an hour and watched TV, including America's Funniest Videos (until the Cubs won a game and WGN switched to live coverage of the rather sedate fans leaving the stadium), then we switched to DVR of "Destroyed in Seconds" show from Discovery. Dal was really great, but Bren got bored and went upstairs to play.

Tan's lip seems to be a bit better tonight. For a while it was a bit infected and swollen, but she seems to be healing up good now. After Destroyed, Dal wanted to watch the Sponge Bob Movie, while Bren played BC (beastie) Builders (a dinosaur playset) and Tan wandered around playing with a toy stuffed horse, making it gallop and winnie.

For their picnic lunch at the park with Anne they had bunnie crackers (like natural goldfish) chocolate chips, and turkey ham (Dal) or cold hotdogs (Bren). When I got back from the Lehi house, they were all eating chocolate chips in a bowl through a straw. Yeah, sucking the chips up a straw. Thanks for that wonderful idea.

I made them a couple of costco frozen beef patties, chopped up with ketchup, and a slice of cheese. Bren had seconds. Tan passed out on the living room floor.

I managed to get her awake by opening a kitchen cabinet which caused a pile of dishes to splatter in a 5' circle quite noisily. Dal helped me pick it up and Tan griped some, and complained some, but I managed to keep her up for about a half hour then put her to bed in her own room. I let her pick the menagerie she would sleep with tonight, including a bear, a blanket, a bottle-sucking baby, and three cabbage patches. Whew! she still fit in that pile somehow.

The boys are now watching "live" Spongebob. I put bulbs in the ceiling sockets in the garage, now that I can reach them with a ladder. And I'm blogging this.

I'll be putting them to bed in a few, then I'll reward my hard work today by continuing last night's "Force Unleashed" on Wii. I'm in the first level where the AT-ST is kicking my butt.

(if nothing else this gives you a rough idea of TMI about what we do sitting around the house)