Walking the Kid

Last night I got home from work, and rolled around on the floor with Tan some, since DW was watching a show on the dvr and I wanted to keep Tan from annoying her.

Suddenly Tan got up, wandered over to the shoe rack and brought me one of her shoes. I put it on her, and she went over to find the other one, and I put that on her.

A minute later she came over dragging Brennan's old coat, and she laid it on the ground and started wiggling her arms in, imitating the way he puts it on. I helped her put it on, and she just glowed with satisfaction.

She went to the front door and tried reaching the handle, so I got my coat and hat, and we went out for a walk. She just wobbled down the street in the oversize jacket like a little Eskimo baby. We went all the way down to the end of the block where the street goes West, then she got confused by the lighted mailbox post and turned around, heading home. About halfway home Dallin came running down the block, and we all walked home together.

At home she was pretty rosy-cheeked and wanted a bottle, and needed to go to bed, so I tucked her in.

What a fun evening.

I think DW has pics, so check her blog later.