Freaking Happy Ice Climber 01/21/2008

Pipe Dream, Provo, Utah

Took DW up for her first Ice Climb. Snowing like crazy. About a half mile from the parking lot, we got to the base of the falls, and got her into her crampons and handed her some tools for a light bouldering workout on non-vertical ice.

She loved it.

Then it was time to rope up and after explaining a bit about the belay change, took off up the waterfall - frozen for the most part, but beautiful sound of running water bubbling from behind the curtain of ice.

I set two screws on the way up, but didn't protect the top half, letting it run out about 30'. At the top (60'?) I set up a belay stance and started bringing her up.

Roping Up:

Near the 2nd screw:

Smooth Moves:

Short Cruxy Thin WI4 Moves:

Topping Out:

(note the colorful biners racked on the harness)

One freaking happy ice climber, done:

On the way out we ran into a fisherman who wondered if it was top-rope-able. Since I had walked down a gully after lowering DW (couldn't find any bolts under the snow, and I didn't want to bail on a sling) I said it was possible with fortitude, but I think he wasn't interested at that point.

My first WI3 lead, and DW's first ice. What an amazing day.