Holy Crapamoli what a freaking fun day

The work on the new server for LYB has been an epic, to say the least. After two months of "trying to do it right", early this morning, while tossing and turning in bed, I came up with the brainstorm of "just copy it over the way it is and make it live, worry about the rest later". So when I got to work I started syncing it and fixing up the messed-up folders.

At the same time, Dave3 was running a script that wasn't doing what it was supposed to and it stalled. I was logged in and decided to check to see what it was that was running nuts. But it stalled on me. Kyle came down and complained that he couldn't get anything to happen either. Road trip time.

While Kyle and Dave3 ran up to the datacenter I was going to get the new server up and set the IP to the old server's, and hopefully we wouldn't cross paths and trash the router. But error messages all over told me I wasn't ready. Fortunately (lol) they couldn't get the old server started - failed on reboot fsck. That means the hard drive is thrashing. Usually fatal. They brought it back.

Of course, we picked on Dave3 about his script destroying the server. Fun fun. So while I hacked away at numerous stupid errors (we really had no clue what we were doing using such crappy code and thinking we were so clever) caused by the new O/S not appreciating the laxity with which we treated our programming practices, Dave3 tried to recover some data while Kyle hacked away at his list of errors.

For tomorrow we'll be spending about 8 hours each plugging holes, but at least it's mostly up. Too bad about not being able to spend money on this at the appropriate time. Anyway -- late night, ate too much when I got home to make up for not eating for about 8 hours straight, dehydrated - same excuse, and no workout today.

Too much fun for one person for one day.

til tomorrow and more adventure....