Goals Update

Anyone remember from a couple months ago I made up a really good list of goals and step-by-step plans for attaining them? I used to make fun of people who did that, and finally decided to join their exclusive little club. Well, the deadline for the achievement of this batch of goals was Dec. 8. Two days ago. With the two days slack how did I do?

· Lose 10 lb. = gain 7 lb.
· Do cardio every day = do cardio twice a week.
· Rehab wrist every day = rehab wrist every other day.
· Climb 5 5.6 routes in Rock Canyon = climb 2 5.6 routes on the Draper Red Rock.
· Climb all the 5.6-5.8 routes at the gym = climb one 5.6 route at the gym.
· Hike once a week = um, uh, hiked three times up Rock Canyon.
· Eat cleaner = eat about the same (so at least not worse).

That pretty much sums it up - I think I had a few others but my notebook is in my work bag and I don't feel like digging it out for more gory details.

Been really struggling with my wrist and fingers. Sucks. I've just started (do we ever remember pain?) to redo my working out today - did double cardio (felt great) and did some really light weights for my legs - trying to rebuild tendon and joint strength since that seems to be my weakness right now. But I had triple servings of the spetzle DW made tonight - drat!

If I do that for a year or two I should get my strength back to what it was a few years ago and start climbing again. That'll feel nice. I hope.