Colorado Day One

Drove to CO today. Long day driving. Stopped at a few places to pick up Christmas gifts. The mountains on the way to Price, UT were just being plowed. I-70 West of Green River, UT was windy and I couldn't get my speed up. Grand Junction it started getting better, but I was about 90 minutes behind by then.

On the way out of Grand Junction I saw this in my rearview:

So I stopped to take a quick pic.

East of Eagle it started snowing and cars went off the road in front of me, and on Vail Pass one lane was closed for a car spun-out against the retaining wall.

Finally got to the condo at 6:50, unloaded the car, checked to see that my new boots fit my skis (perfectly) and then got changed and drove over to Keystone. I got on the Gondola at 8:00 and rode up with a scientist from Quebec who lived in California and now Missouri doing research. He agreed about the ice and driving in Missouri (his assistants live as far away as Lawrence KS and driving in the ice is awful for them). I talked about Wisconsin and Missouri and while I don't miss WI he misses QB.

I managed to do some nice turns before I got tired, and at only 4f had to pull my balaclava face up and tuck it under my goggles to keep from freezing my nose. So hopefully new boots is all I need for this year!

Drove back to the condo and unloaded the car some more, changed, had some hot chocolate and headed out to Tesoro and City Market for gas and groceries. Got a bunch of chips and crap for when Tif n' Ty come out (well, I was hungry as well and it made a good excuse) though I did make sure it was mostly healthy crap...

Have RSNx in the background - had First Ascents and Dosage II again, but who can get tired of Didier and Dean?