Rock Canyon Hike and Mountain Sheep

Slipped out of work at 3:30 and hiked up Rock Canyon ahead of the pending snow storm.

I hiked up to check out The Appendage - a rock outcrop shortly after the gate that I've finally figured out how to get to.

As I went up the hill I heard scuffling in the brush behind me and turned around to see (there were other climbers just downhill and I thought maybe they were coming to see what I was up to) and there was a Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep (I guess - not a zoologist) about 40' away.

I tried to get my camera out and take pics, but he slipped into the trees and skirted me along the trail. The pics in the brush sucked, but this one pic as he went back on the trail came out okay.

Look for the sheep butt where the trail goes behind the tree

I climbed up the gully on the North side of The Appendage which was fairly simple 3rd class and stood at the top of the anchors for the unnamed 5.easy route on the West Face. From there I had a good view of the sheep and a couple of his friends.

Wish I had my XTI with me - it has much nicer glass and takes much better pics. I think I'll go back up there and stake it out sometime with a telephoto.

Stay tuned for adventures on The Appendage depending on weather.