Nov. 20 Climbing with the boys.

While DW and DD took a nap, I took the boys out to the Traverse Wall for some climbing action to take advantage of the 50 degree day.

Bren wanted to toprope, so I found a suitable set of trees to make an anchor near the edge of what looked like about 5.6 terrain - though only 12' or so high.

Dallin took the Olympus Stylus 770SW (it's a great camera for outdoor adventure - shockproof, waterproof to about 20', freezeproof to zero, etc. etc. - the one I use for all my adventuring - Rainier, Baker, etc.) and ran around getting Brennan to pose for him - selected highlights include:

Brennan went up about 6' (pics taken by Dallin) but was having trouble with his feet:

Dallin didn't have a happy experience climbing the day before, and wanted to come along only for the hike, but after Brennan got as high as he could, we were trying to coach him to use his feet better, and Dallin said "I can do it, watch" and we got him on the ropes:

Dallin made it to 8', so he was stoked about beating his brother. I took a few pics of him as best I could while belaying:

After the excitement they were pretty tired of climbing so I took down the toprope and we hiked a bit further along the lower of the two trails to some more walls. We scrambled up to the top, then weaved through the trees till we met the other trail, and headed back. Brennan was nervous and tired, but when they saw the "teepee" of branches along the top trail they recognized it and felt much safer.

Good skills were learned that day.