Kids Say the Cutest Things and Oppression

The company went out to lunch today to Celebrate Dylan's b'day and while out, Dave and I got to talking about kids saying wild things (among them B's latest tirade against the oppression of the man - more irony on that in a short bit).

When Dave went to Las Vegas to get his new ride his wife dropped him off at the airport with the kids in the car. Dave made some crack about the evils of Las Vegas, saying he had a wad of cash in his wallet and for all he knew someone would kill him at the airport there and they'd never see him again.

While he was gone, his one son was going around the neighborhood saying "Dad went to Vegas with a wad of cash and we don't know if he's coming back."

Now, on to oppression. There is a person I know who used to work for DCFS - you know, the government agency that breaks up families and puts kids in charge of their parents, with what appears to be random reckless abandon to those it happens to. Turns out their favorite music is reggae - talk about irony "UM - you ARE the man! and this is the music of your victims!" But then, maybe they know that and revel in the irony.