Saturday, May 16, 2015

Steel Core Boot Camp - Ab Training with Fat Penetrating Impact

Are you ready for 28 intense ab and core workouts in a row?

For one low fee you get

A video every day! Over an hour total of video ab and core training.
That’s right. Every single day for 28 days I’ll send you a little over 2 minutes of video instruction. Learn a new core and ab exercise each and every day for 4 weeks. Here’s a short sample video. Full videos have multiple angles and more detail like how to set up for the exercise, common mistakes, and how to fit it into your program.

And so much more!

Watch the video, click the link, get your 24% discount and let's rock those abs!

Rotation Plank Demo Video from the Steel Core Boot Camp Program. Fat-Penetrating Impact Ab Training. 4 weeks, 28...
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Friday, May 1, 2015

Webinar Replay: The 6 Myths About Six Pack Abs

Webinar: The 6 Myths About Six Pack Abs

Webinar Replay - it was a private webinar for my Inner Circle friends and I edited out the "private" bits so you could share this reading of the FREE REPORT I posted on my website

A brief teaser: 

Myth #1 Abdominal muscle is different from regular muscle. 

Your abdominal muscles are just like every other muscle in your body. The abdominal is different only in location and unlike biceps or quads they don’t rest on a bony surface. So you should train them the same way you would train, say, your biceps or your chest. The basic laws of physiology apply to all your muscles, including your abs. This means that you have to do exercises in the correct plane, or direction of movement to effectively work the muscle.

Watch the video, then go download the PDF, and if you want to take it to the next level, register for your FREE EBOOK - The 6 Keys To Six Pack Abs

Webinar: The 6 Myths About Six Pack Abs
Posted by Lose Weight Gain Muscle Newsletter on Friday, May 1, 2015