Monday, February 23, 2015

Dressing for Below Zero Running

Went out early this morning, 7:00 AM, for a cold winter run. I stayed on the roads this time simply because with all the new snow and frozen snow and ice, it was essentially fairly flat trail running in up to 6" of crusted snow, even on the roads here in Keystone CO.

I layered up after getting the current conditions and forecast from Accuweather on my phone app. -3 F with -12 F real feel. Running below zero Fahrenheit - not Celsius. That's significant in and of itself.

I wore my old standby Salomon hybrid tights and jacket. They are mixed powerstretch fleece layers and panels with wind and water resistant panels. Below the bottom I wore just my polyester briefs. Under the jacket I wore a First Ascent micro fleece (50 weight polarfleece) and under that a TNF running base layer.

On my head I wore a buff pulled up over the crown of my head on the rear to cover my ears and chin, and an Icebreaker wool helmet liner over that. On my hands I wore my Hestra lobster-claw alpine skiing gloves, very warm since my hands can get very cold in these conditions. On my feet were Bridgeport trail (hiking thickness) wool socks under my Pearl Izumi Trail N2 shoes and Kahtoola microspikes.

And that was all. I was toasty warm except for the walk back from the bus stop afterward. Keystone has free shuttles at the resort which can be interconnected with the Summit Stage, free transportation in Summit County.

Oh, the cool glasses? Bolle goggle glasses, light enhancing yellow, from about 1986 I think. Yeah, retro all the way. Found them in a thrift store almost 20 years ago and fell in love with them for cold windy overcast flat light days.

Got in 5 miles, my goal, with a bit of zig-zagging around between the bus stops, Mountain House Base, River Run Base, the Keystone Stables and a few spurs here and there. Keeping the fitness going all winter long. Loving a brief reprieve from the treadmill here.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day Wishes

Hope your Valentine's Day is amazing and you get exactly what you want. Or what you deserve. Either way.

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Valentine's Pink Pancake - eat it up yumm!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Postworkout Nutrition - Strawberry/Banana Protein Smoothie

This is a pretty simple recipe.

Put that all together in the blender of your choice. Mine is the Ninja, primarily because it works almost as good as some of those costing about 4x the price. My motto, below, pretty much sums up my personal opinion on much more expensive blenders.

I promise I will never ever drink a 2 by 4 smoothie.

I like the Amazing Grass green drink mix, linked above, but you can use your own preference. There used to be a red drink mix that was quite sweet, and complemented fruit drinks well, but they discontinued it, sadly.

From my Facebook Page:

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Ninja Blender full of smoothie - YUMM!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Snowy Buildup on Microspikes

You probably have read several of my previous posts about running in the winter in Kahtoola Microspikes. This is a first for me though. It snowed a good 7-12" a few days ago, but it was right around 32F when it did. Then over the next couple of days it stayed pretty warm.

I was wearing my Pearl Izumi Road N2, which, I swear, are almost exactly identical to my old Pearl Izumi Streak that I used to wear while training for the Aspen Backcountry Marathon in 2011. They are a bit different from the Trail N2, being a touch more flexible in the instep and toe, and with a much steeper toe-off ramp. I mention it because the bottoms are fairly smooth, without a lot of lug in the tread. I'm not sure if that contributed or not to the sticking snow in the microspike chains. See that snow buildup? On a mountaineering trip, snow balling up on your crampons can lead to spectacular and deadly falls. The recommendation is that if your crampons ball up with snow, it means you don't need them. In this case though I had smooth bottom shoes, so I probably would have had no traction at all without the spikes. It was "sixes" so I slowed down to prevent rolling or twisting my ankle and just twisted the balls of hardening slush off the chains every now and again.

Video from my wet concrete trail run:

It was a beautiful day and I ended up with a few less layers by the time I was done.

Check out that blue sky. Let me know what you're doing for your winter training. I had a few great comments on my Facebook Page (Link with the video above).